Residential + Non-ReSidential


Non-Residential Retreats

Daylong Retreats

Daylong Retreats are led by Community Dharma Leaders from the Teton Sangha or sometimes by a visiting teacher. The day consists of meditation, silence, walking meditation and dharma talks. Sitting instructions, guided meditations and question and answer time is included in the schedule. The structure of the day is similar to that followed on residential retreats and is therefore a very good introduction to extended practice. Daylong retreats are offered for free but dana (generosity) for the teachers is accepted and a dana basket will be available. Small daylongs take place in a private home in Wilson and larger ones at the usual meditation space (Zendler’s Chiropractic) in Jackson, WY. Please bring warm, outdoor clothes for walking meditation, and your own meditation cushion if you have one. Some cushions are provided.

Householder Retreats

Householder Retreats are non-residential and usually take place over multiple days or evenings. The attendees come to retreat during specified times and have the unique opportunity to practice the Buddha’s teachings while continuing their day-to-day lives. The schedule involves sitting and walking in silence, dharma teachings, as well as specific practices to explore while at home or work. There may be time for sharing about those experiences the next day or evening. Commitment to participate in all the sessions is ideal and will allow for continuity as a community practice. This kind of retreat is perfect for those who may not have the time or finances to attend a long residential retreat and is also good preparation for someone wanting to attend  a residential retreat later.  A dana (generosity) basket will be available to offer contributions for the teachers.

Residential Retreats

Teton Sangha hosts one 9 day residential retreat designed for experienced practitioners in the Fall of each year with a chosen guiding teacher.  Occasionally a weekend-only option is offered within the time period. The retreat begins mid-day on Friday and ends on Sunday morning. The retreat is located in a gorgeous and remote mountain canyon southeast of Jackson Hole at Granite Creek Ranch. The nearest airport is in Jackson, WY. Aside from an emergency satellite phone, there is no phone service or wifi available and little contact with the outside world. These retreats are relatively small (about 30 people) and space is limited. Retreatants share rooms in a lodge (1 to 3 people per room) and use shared bathroom/shower facilities.

The daily schedule includes alternating periods of sitting and walking meditation of thirty to forty-five minutes, with daily instruction in the morning and dharma talks in the evening.  The practice of noble silence is always held except when meeting with the teacher and during question and answer periods. Each retreatant will sign up for daily work meditation practice such as doing dishes, wiping tables, etc. There may be some opportunity to visit a local hot spring in the canyon.

Your registration fee covers the operational expenses as well as lodging and vegetarian meals. Registration info is sent to our mailing list in the late summer and acceptance is on a first come, first serve basis. In the interest of fairness, we do not accept any early registrations. Partial scholarships are available.

Dana (generosity)

Teton Sangha honors the practice of dana (generosity) as an integral part of our Buddhist roots. Teachers are reimbursed for travel expenses but do not receive payment in exchange for time or teachings during retreat. Vipassana Teachers practice Wise Livelihood and are sustained solely by the generosity of their students. At this retreat, dana is also offered to the Chef and Retreat Managers. Baskets will be set out for this purpose.