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Photo of John Travis

John Travis

John Travis has practiced and taught Insight Meditation for over 40 years. John is the founding teacher of Teton Sangha and guides the Fall residential retreats. Additionally, he is a Spirit Rock Teacher Emeritus, and the founder of Mountain Stream Meditation Center in Nevada City, CA. He completed a four-year senior teacher training with Jack Kornfield in 1993 and lived and studied in Asia for a decade under several great meditation masters, including S.N. Goenka, and Anagarika Munindra. He took a period of monastic ordination in the Theravada tradition under Thanpulu Sayadaw, as well as a brief novice ordination under Kalu Rinpoche. John’s teaching style focuses on a non-dual approach emphasizing body, heartfulness, and the nature of awareness itself. You can find more information on John Travis here.

Photo of Nancy Taylor

Nancy Taylor

Nancy Taylor has completed a three-year training program to become a Community Dharma Leader at Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Woodacre, California. Nancy has been teaching Vipassana Meditation, in and around Jackson since 2001.

John Kuzloski

John Kuzloski has been an active member of Teton Sangha since 1999 including attending retreats annually with John Travis.  More recently, he has been studying the discourses of the Buddha and taken on a teaching role with Teton Sangha at the request of his teacher.

Photo of Cathy Shill

Cathy Shill

Cathy Shill has been studying the dharma since 2008 and attends annual Vipassana retreats with her guiding teacher, John Travis. She is inspired by the impermanence and state of presence emanating  from the natural world.  She teaches with the blessings of her Teacher and great passion for all beings.

If you let go a little you will have a little happiness. If you let go completely you will be free.  Ajahn Chah