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Weekly Meditation

Monday Sitting Group

Jackson, WY // 6-6:45pm

The Monday Sitting Group is temporarily suspended due to Covid 19.

Where: Chiropractic and Sports Injury Center, 215 Scott Lane, Jackson, WY (map).  Please use the alley entrance.

Description: This is a weekly meditation group which usually sits for 45 minutes. Format is a little different on the first and third Mondays of the month, when we sit for twenty minutes, and then have a 15-minute dharma discussion led by a sangha member. A bell is rung to mark the beginning and the end. Meditation cushions and back jacks are available. Beginners welcome.

Contact: Nancy Taylor at

Sunday Sitting Group

Driggs, ID // 6-6:45pm

The Sunday Sitting Group is temporarily suspended due to Covid 19.

Where: Yoga Off Little, 30 N. 1st St, Driggs, Idaho (map). Please enter on the South side of bldg.

Description: This is a 45 minute unguided, silent meditation period. Please arrive a little early to take a seated position in the circle. A bell is rung promptly at 6 PM indicating the start and again 45 minutes later to end. This is a great opportunity to supplement an existing practice, or ease into a longer meditation period with the silent support of the other meditators around you! Some props are available, but please bring your own meditation cushion if you have one. Beginners welcome.

Contact: Mary Mullaney at (208) 399-2166 or

Common Questions

If you are new to meditation, it will be helpful for you to experiment at home with sitting positions for a couple of 10-minute periods to find a position you can maintain and/or props you may need. 45 minutes may seem daunting, but many people find the support of a group to be very helpful in learning to meditate for longer periods of time.

As far as position, any seated position where you can maintain an upright spine, and pelvis slightly tilted forward is good. Cross legged variations or virasana with the help of a small cushion or bolster are good choices. If you are in a chair, sit more on the edge, rather than leaning back, keeping spine erect.

Either thing is OK if necessary.  Quietly adjusting your body a little is OK

Please do your best to come on time, but if you are late, just open the door, come in as quietly as possible, and take a seat.